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Maidstone Pool Team


Vice Chairperson

Polly Bailey


Julia Giles


Committee Members

Lucy Hedger

Frank Giles

Janet Whitlock

Jacky Woods

Chris Moon

Judy Tutt

Ali Ffitch

The elected committee for year 2016/17 is shown on the right.

All of our helpers are volunteers and those working directly with members in the pool area have current DBS (ex-CRB) Certificates in place.


Some teach or assist in the pools whilst others do an equally valuable job by helping with the administration.

Christopher Moon.  Teaching Assistant

Chris is an experienced charity volunteer and brings his interpersonal skills and enthusiasm to good effect in the pool.

Polly Bailey. Vice Chairman

ASA Level 2 Teacher

Polly provides us with the knowledge and experience to assist those who wish to learn or improve their swimming.

Janet Whitlock. Teaching Assistant

NASCH Pool Helpers Course

Janet is a regular volunteer and as well as helping in the pool she often meets and greets new members and identifies their individual swimming needs.

Ali Ffitch. Teaching Assistant

Roger Baker. Teaching Assistant

NASCH Pool Helpers Course

Roger brings his nursing experience into play when helping those who are severely handicapped.

Aqua Aerobics Team

Judy Tutt. Leader Aqua Aerobics sessions

Admin Team

Julia Giles. Secretary

Julia deals with everything on a week to week basis. This includes membership issues, club contact every Tuesday, subs and session payments. She also organises raffles and social events such as the annual dinner.

Frank Giles. Meeter and Greeter  

Helping those with

restricted mobility

Barbara Winter. Teaching Assistant

Assists Judy with the Aqua Aerobics sessions  

Louise Webber. Teaching Assistant

Kerry Watson. Teaching Assistant

Lucy Hedger.  Meeter and Greeter